Informed and Experienced

I also provide Breast Cancer Support Counseling to women and men who are living with or surviving breast cancer.  As a licensed and experienced psychotherapist and two time breast cancer survivor (Tamoxifen Therapy, three Lumpectomies, Whole Breast Long Course Radiation Treatment, Bi-lateral Mastectomy with Partial Reconstruction), I am uniquely qualified to support clients in their treatment experience.  

In private practice I have worked individually men and women challenged by breast cancer.  I also have experience running an "Expressive Journaling Group for Breast Cancer Survivors focused on Body Image" at Women & Infant's Hospital as part of the Integrative Care Cancer Program (Providence, RI). 

If you are recently diagnosed, some of the help I can provide are immediate support after diagnosis, informed assistance with treatment decision making (in collaboration with your doctor), preparing for medical procedures from a holistic perspective (addressing mind, body, spirt), and helping you to concretely plan for post-operative or post-treatment recouperative care.  

If you are living with breast cancer or transitioning beyond it, I can also offer counseling support.  I will provide a safe space for you to grieve any losses to the body and to make sense of your experience in ways that strengthen you, rather than limit you.  I can guide you in exploring issues related to sexuality, new body image, any changes to current romantic relationships or concerns about dating again for people who are single. I can also help you clarify your sense of mortality and spirituality, and in identifying what this experience means in the course of your life.  

Sometimes there is a mourning in the experience - there is a process here - but then our emphasis would be on reconnection to one's wisest, strongest self, and a re-claiming of the body that feels full and satisfying.  This might be achieved not only with talk therapy, but with mind-body approaches, mindfulness, ritual (decided upon by the client) writing and/or art.  The path will be determined by you and what you know is the next step in healing.